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Labrador Pictures is the flagship company in the Labrador Media Group -- a concept-to-completion film/video production company which pioneered and embodies the Labrador philosophy:
  • Careful selection and development of material
  • Adequate but realistic budgeting
  • Hands-on management, at every stage
  • Selective association with brand name talent
  • Exclusive relationships with strategic partners
  • On time delivery of final product
  • Marketing plan built in from the start
  • Seamless blend into distribution
  • Maintain good relations with the media
  • Seek and employ unique marketing opportunities
  • Utilize the web, and grow with it
  • Learn from the successes as well as the failures of other relevant projects and companies, and apply the lessons learned
  • Never give up on a project
  • Operate the company with integrity

Labrador Pictures serves as the primary motion picture production company for Labrador Media Group. Labrador Pictures is presently in development of its next motion picture project, the romantic comedy At The End Of The Day by writer/director Jeff Arch. The film will be shot in London and Wales, at a budget under $20 million.

Future in-house projects include the film version of Archs novel The Bell Tower, and Colour My World, to be produced in association with Richard Akins Productions, from the upcoming Broadway musical of the same name, based on the tunes of the rock band Chicago.

Labrador is presently involved in several outside projects, all of which are selected and developed according to the criteria described above. The projected output of Labrador is one to two feature movies a year, whether developed entirely in-house or in partnership with other companies.


Labrador Media Group is presently establishing a Motion Picture Development Investor Fund to develop and acquire quality motion pictures.   For further information, please click the contact us button, provide your full name and telephone number, and someone will get back to you.

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