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Labrador Publishing was formed to meet the needs of authors and readers alike, in response to the blockbuster-or-bust mentality of traditional publishing houses, which keeps far too many deserving authors from reaching the marketplace, where readers can find them and enjoy the benefit of their labors.

Everyone knows that books, even more than movies, benefit best from word of mouth advertising -- that is, the only kind of advertising that publishing houses cant buy. With the advent of print-on-demand technology, and using traditional and cutting edge marketing strategies and strategic associations with authors and marketing specialists, Labradors ability to move quickly, flexibly and creatively, results in a big advantage when it comes to taking a raw manuscript and preparing it for sale to a selected target audience deemed most likely to be receptive. No one can guarantee good word of mouth, but it starts with careful selection of material, developing it until its ready, then letting the right audience know about it first after that, the fate of each book is in the hands of the readers, which is exactly where it should be.
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Specialized / Trade Books
Labrador Publishings business model works with not only branded authors but also with authors who are experts in a particular field, and who are often overlooked by the majors because they cant generate the kind of numbers to make it worthwhile for the bigger houses to take them on. Along with emerging authors who want to get their product out there without getting lost in the shuffle, these situations are perfect for a company in Labradors position in other words, its a little easier when you dont have a thousand employees and three floors of an office building in New York to maintain. Also, our significantly lower overhead gives us the ability to offer a royalty structure to authors that can only be described as beyond favorable. That, and a seamless transition to Labrador Pictures and Labrador Releasing, offers a best-case scenario for any titles whose value would be enhanced by transformation into a filmed product whether its bound for the big screen or personal video players or cell phones, there are now ways to get to an audience that didnt exist even a year ago, and Labrador is in position to maximize each possibility.
  • Personalized, case-by-case marketing
  • Custom designed promotional campaign and book tours
  • Significantly higher royalty structure than the norm
Again, the combination of exclusive relationships with branded and up-and-coming authors, and strategic associations with everyone from editors to book tour organizers, and print-on-demand publishing that removes the need to do huge printing runs that then need to be warehoused, are the advantages that Labrador Publishing brings, to be able to facilitate one of the finest marriages of all: that between author and reader.

Labrador Media Group is presently establishing a Motion Picture Development Investor Fund to develop and acquire quality motion pictures.   For further information, please click the contact us button, provide your full name and telephone number, and someone will get back to you.

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