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Labrador's decision to expand into distribution was based on the experiences and lessons learned with the release of "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys." What we've learned during this process could fill a book - and actually we might write that one some day - but instead, for now, we have decided to apply those lessons by expanding our company to include distribution of our own movies as well as those from outside suppliers. By doing so, we will be able to take advantage of a technology that is moving faster than traditional business models can deal with it.

By keeping up to speed with changing times, by aggressively and intelligently using the web, by partnering with more established and traditional distributors when advantageous while at other times doing a better job without them, Labrador Releasing can identify the kinds of properties that fit our business model and company philosophy, and design and execute a specialized campaign for each individual project according to its needs and unique personality. We will be able to offer a more favorable percentage of return to filmmakers than they would ever get from the majors, while at the same time being able to offer either the same level of market penetration or even better.

Through our strategic partnerships, Labrador brings a broad range of services to our filmmakers including:
  • Theatrical, home video, ancillary and alternative distribution channels
  • Postproduction services
  • Original music composition and music licensing
  • Music rights/clearing services
  • Trailer, key art and packaging development
  • Marketing, promotional and public relations services
Our associations with key film festivals here in the U.S. and later abroad, will provide unique and favorable access between filmmakers and the audiences they wish to reach. There actually is a way that everybody can win, and that nobody can be left behind and this is the goal of the entire Labrador Media Group.

Labrador Media Group is presently establishing a Motion Picture Development Investor Fund to develop and acquire quality motion pictures.   For further information, please click the contact us button, provide your full name and telephone number, and someone will get back to you.

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